Le Bingueau!
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Improve your French by drilling vocabulary (and pronunciation!) in this fun and addictive little game!

How to play:
1. The object of the game is to get BINGO as fast as you can by selecting 5 cells in a row (or column or diagonal).
2. Match the word at the bottom to its translation in the bingo grid above it.
3. When you make a correct match, the word box will turn blue; when you're wrong, the box will turn red and it won't count towards creating bingo.
4. Press the flag icon at lower left to switch which language will appear in the bingo grid.

Suggestions, Comments, Criticisms?
Write to us! We'd love to hear what works, what doesn't, and what languages or kinds of vocabulary themes you'd like to see!

Development Team:
Mary McArthur (creator) and Anna Billstrom (programmer)